Sales FAQ

You are interested in purchasing Foxit products but want to know more information about Foxit Sales policy and customer services before ordering? Please check the following FAQ. You may get more idea of our sales and services.


  1. Where can I get the price details for Foxit products?
  2. Can I get an educational discount for Foxit Software Inc.?
  3. Do I have to buy extra licenses if the attempted users are more than stipulated ones listed on the pricing list?


  1. How can I order Foxit Products if I don't have a credit card?


  1. What can I do if I order a wrong product?
  2. What can I do if I want to change the ordered product to another one, e.g. from Foxit PhantomPDF Express to Foxit PhantomPDF Business?
  3. What can I do if I order a same product twice?
  4. How can I report a fraudulent transaction if someone I don't know places an order using my credit card?


  1. How can I get the registered key file again from Foxit if I lose it because of hard drive crash or purchasing a new machine?
  2. How soon will I receive the formal license key after placing an order?
  3. Why do I still get an evaluation warning after installing key file?
  4. Can I have a temp key for the evaluation purpose only?


  1. How soon will I get the formal invoice for my order by mail?
  2. What's your policy if I want to be one of your resellers?
  3. Do you have sale offices or distributors worldwide?
  4. Can we host Foxit PDF Reader on our web server?
  5. Can I use Foxit products in my terminal server?
  6. Can I put the Foxit Reader into my free CD/VCD/DVD for free redistribution to my customers?
  7. What's the price for Foxit Reader SDK for Windows/Linux?
  8. I want to promote Foxit Reader,can I get the high resolution Foxit logo from you and put it on my website?