End-to-end Information Security for SAP

Information that resides in SAP databases is pulled out by users on a regular basis and transformed into unstructured data that permeates the enterprise. How is the SAP-based organization to keep its information secure when it's out of the hardened SAP database environment?

SAP users are generally the elite of enterprise IT users worldwide. They realize that their business revolves around information, and they fiercely protect and leverage that information for severe advantage in their industries. They have invested in state-of-the-art systems to ensure both this leverage and security, and their satisfaction is tops in the industry.

One thing that SAP users are aware of is that their database is rock-solid. The precious data, which is sterile and secure when 'locked in the vault' of the SAP database, becomes vulnerable when it's downloaded, exported, and manipulated in the form of spreadsheets, presentations, documents or the ubiquitous emails and PDF files.

This is where the end-to-end solution from WATCHFUL, SECUDE and FOXIT comes into play. Working together, these companies have defined a powerful end-to-end approach to protecting SAP information regardless of where it is in the enterprise, what form it takes, or where it may travel (inside or outside the network). Built on top of Microsoft's Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) infrastructure, this comprehensive solution allows Chief Information Security Officers to sleep well at night knowing that their SAP-based information is persistently protected against leak, loss, or theft, even if it's outside of the SAP database or has taken different forms.

Data Coming Out of SAP

The SAP database is often the nexus of all corporate information – other systems, reporting, and queries draw from this storehouse of data. SAP provides for download of that information into various formats, such as .xlsx, .csv, .txt, etc. Once that happens, the information is now raw and exposed, no longer protected by the SAP database security.

SECUDE allows SAP download/export information to be protected by Microsoft's AD RMS, so that those downloaded files remain protected. They are encrypted, and only users with the appropriate credentials can use that information.

Data Transformed From SAP

Once that data is out of SAP, however, it can be morphed into many forms: 1) It may be included in an email, 2) it might become part of a business plan document or report, 3) it may be saved as another spreadsheet... or in any of these, 4) it may be sent to a mobile BYOD device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry. This is the 'nightmare scenario' that CISOs dread.

Watchful Software has a solution that allows all unstructured content such as emails, documents, spreadsheets, business plans, presentations, etc. to be classified as sensitive or confidential. Once this is classified, the information is encrypted and can only be opened/read/used by users with appropriate credentials. Now the SAP-based information is as secure in a free-form, unstructured format of an email or document as it is when it's safe inside the main SAP database. This is the comfort level CISOs are looking for.

SAP Data Published

Once that information has been extracted from the SAP database, it can be transformed into a useable object (such as a document, report, or strategy brief) and published in a format that is easy to use and distribute, such as the ubiquitous PDF format. Even now, that content can remain classified and secure.

Using Foxit's PDF Security Suite, this PDF content can retain the rights management protection applied earlier, ensuring that only authorized people can read/use this information.

A featured channel partner to assist customers' needs on every step of the buying and implementation process is Synergy Advisors, LLC a leader in the area of IRM consulting and implementation. These partners work to leverage each of the technologies to deliver the most secure environment and fastest deployment possible for joint customers.

Through this end-to-end lifecycle approach, SAP information can be made just as secure outside of the SAP database as it is inside…even as it's moving around the enterprise, and around the world. Reports, lists, documents, planning tools, internal and external communications – all can be secured so that only authorized personnel can use this information. And this can all be done seamlessly to the user community.

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